COVID19 Fogging Tent


The COVID19 Fogging Tent is an open-air spray shower for head-to-toe disinfection.

To additionally decrease the risk of infection, so-called disinfection tunnels can be installed at the entrance area of hospitals, supermarkets, schools, hotels, or company buildings.

The disinfection tunnel is a special construction consisting of an aluminium structure with roof and sidewalls, which is equipped with a nozzle system. The stainless steel nozzle line is connected to an external pumping station, which feeds the disinfectant into the individual nozzles.

These ensure the atomization of the disinfectant into many tiny droplets, which form a very fine mist. This finally settles on all surfaces such as clothing, shoes, or other objects in the tunnel.

This reliably eliminates any bacteria, viruses, and fungi that stick to clothing or bags, which could enter the building unnoticed even in the event of negative corona detection.

What's in the box

The complete solution includes:

  • Aluminium frame 1,5x4,5 m with 8 legs and an entrance height of 2,20m
  • Roof 1,5x4,5 m with 4 dormers (in the middle of each side)
  • 2 closed sidewalls 4,5 m
  • 8 Baseplates
  • 1 pc. LED-lighting
  • Spraying plant (4 spray arches, 1 pump, tank for disinfection liquid)
  • External pump station with - Switch cabinet with light barrier and time relay - High-pressure pump (70bar), water ow 0,5 l/m - Automatic dosage pump - Holder for a 51 disinfectant canister - Water filter

Optional extras

  • Optional:Floor 1,5x4,5 m available
  • Tent fabrics can be fully printed or customized with your logo

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